Facilities, Friends and Fotos

Covered lakeside deck

Covered Deck

You'll enjoy the best view of the lake on our covered main deck.  Cool weather?  We've got you covered with propane heaters.  Seats 55.

Cocktail deck

Cocktail Deck

A quiet repose with a great lake view toward the north.  This quiet gataway seats 15-20, and on the right night you could be treated to breathtaking moon rises!  Seats 30.


Room 180

You'll enter by way of a leisurly stroll down our boardwalk from the parking lot.  Room 180 is aptly named due to 180 degree view of the lake.  Seats 25.

Mural Room

Opening out to the Sun Porch, this room is named about the custom mural spplied to the back wall by a local artist in 2007.  Seats 32.

Sun porch

Sun Porch

Our climate controlled sun porch offers the best of both worlds...you'll feel like you are outside, but this space is fully heated and air conditioned.  Seats 32.

Comfortable center bar


Bar Service available betwwen the East and West rooms. Great seating for those in the center of the action!  Seats 12.


Duck Harbor

Our all concrete dock and wavebreak system creates a safe "harbor" for boats of all sizes.


Take a Duck Tour!

gives you Take a fly-over of The Duck shot during its restaurant days ...go here, or click on the photo.  (Coutesty of the Lake's own Donny Larsen.